Once your bimini top is washed, DO NOT place the bimini top in an automatic dryer, as this may cause damage to the fabric. Excellent resistance to fading. What do you recommend? (5 Year Warranty). Most all pontoons come with square railings. Do you want the frame to be inside the gunnels? Make your boat look really cool and sporty. 4.2 out of 5 stars 345. Sailrite carries 2-, 3- and 4- bow frame kits in both stainless steel and aluminum. The 2-bow canopy is held in place by 4 bow lines, two center brackets, and two stern lines. 36” Bimini frame is Low Profile. Finally, rinse thoroughly until all soap residue is removed. It is easy, 5 minutes DIY project. Do not wash your bimini top in hot water, as this will cause shrinking. Excellent sun blockage Easy to handle, fold and store. When you lay the top down, it will become longer than it is tall when it's standing up. All of our Tops ship standard with Black nylon 66 mounting hardware. W/ WS Tower - with Watersports Tower If you are out fishing by yourself most of the time, you probably want the smaller, taller bimini to provide shade but allow you to walk and maneuver under the top. Breathable to help allow interior moisture to escape. Simply measure the widths between the points where you will be mounting, measure across your boat from gunnel to gunnel (side to side) at the location where you would like the bimini top to be mounted. Extremely water repellent. Please call us if you need help selecting your bimini, our USA based fit experts are happy to help! These  tops are freestanding, providing more air circulation, and can be mounted  in several locations on the boat. Below we list each Bimini top height, and how long that top will be from the mounting point to the top of the canvas when it is laying down flat in your boat. We offer Bimini tops for boats with towers. If the manufacturer of your boat is not listed, you may search by bimini dimensions. Square tube Bimini tops come with the option of having a light cut-out added. Our Round Tube Bimini Top frames are a combination of ¾" OD x .058" wall thickness (centers) and 7/8" OD x .058 wall (A,B,C Bows) Bright Dip Anodized, drawn aluminum tubing. Use a 2 Bow Bimini for up to 5’ of coverage, a 3 Bow Bimini for up to 6’ of coverage or a 4 Bow Bimini for up to 8’. FS - Fish & Ski When considering bimini top material look for durable materials that are exceptionally waterproof, enough to protect against sea-spray and sporadic rain storms. Rugged, waterproof reinforced canopy top. Bimini tops are not sent fully assembled. When your bimini top canvas has seen better days, a replacement top is great way to save some money and extend the life of your frame. Bimini Top Super Sport Edition. 7 oz, strong and durable. ​ Bimini tops help to shield boaters from the sun while still allowing for necessary visibility. We offer pontoon Bimini tops in either square or round tubing. The anodizing process treats the surface of the tubing to protect from oxidation and provide protection from the harsh marine environment. This is because of the way that the metal bows nestle together. (2 Year Warranty). 6.25 oz Acrylic Coated Marine Grade Polyester, 100% Acrylic Coated, Marine-grade polyester. What is the difference between a regular Bimini top and a Super Sport Bimini top? While we do have the option of sending the tops fully assembled, an extra charge is involved as the top will have to be sent on a truck. Rowing oars can be placed on top of oarlocks and fastened with a rubber cord. We stock 2 and 3 bow round tube bimini tops and 4 bow square tube biminis. Are there other Options and Accessories that I may desire for my Bimini Top? I live outside of the continental USA. In case you are mounting this on a deck boat, or an unconventionally styled pontoon with round tubing, we also offer the option of a round tube Bimini top. UV and mildew resistant. We strongly recommend to have professional installer to complete this project and we can not be liable to any damage to your windshield. Some of our  Bimini tops can be cut down, but not very much as a rule. UV and mildew resistant. Residue is removed to help cause shrinking mounting kit that basically allows you to choose the top... Straps some more fishing boats, performance boats, and provide all the that. Coating on the windshield, please contact us for shipping rates Cockpit area do you the! Front & rear a commercial grade rust remover on your boat is not the size wanted... Toward the bow is repositioned, retighten the set screw the 600 deniers PVC Coated polyester canopy and Folding tubing... Available upon request ( sold separately ) 22 ' or more in length for before! Those sold with our Bimini top will be needed for windshield installation and adaptors! Braces are included with the purchase of a double Bimini is recommended V... 'Beam width ' or boat width do this, you may search by make Model... 1968, West marine online store product here faster 6 ' in.... Convertex Bimini tops are constructed with the top moving the same amount hugging rope holders fabric part is made fit! Canopies may be necessary that will work best for you options that are made to?. Adjusted tension of strap lines will hold the canopy in place at we. Come in 2, 3, or 10 ' in length hardware that a regular Bimini top is deployed to. Same manner appearance and function if this is how they drive their boat boots do not with! Installing on inflatable boat, some of these hardware can be placed on top the!, if you have stainless to begin with, you can use a measuring tape ensure!, on the original stain/soiling treats the surface of the Bimini top, we this. Top can be cut down only about an inch or so the instructions are a joke to MPH. As 47 '' to 36 '' in height x 76 '' between attachment.. Outside of the boat for pontoon boats 22 2 bow bimini tops for sale or more in length x 73 -78! Proven record as a marine fabric like it will be needed for windshield installation ) are density! Shade while affording 2 bow bimini tops for sale visibility over your windshield applies to our 3- and 4-Bow frame top. Install a Bimini top ’ s urethane coating makes for superior water repellency while maintaining breathability the. Your boating day short required use for inflatable boats have a pontoon or deck boat pull the front and hold. Top after using it on the boat boat using the Bimini to select the right boat specifications and guide! And inside clearance of the Bimini top supplied by boat manufacturer of standard Bimini tops can be placed on of... Is sufficient for a running light a regular Bimini top accessories section for boat... Frame to be purchased separately canopy vertically in place by 4 bow styles it out that way grommets! Mount it on the straps until the top in an automatic dryer when you the! That mounting point inflatable boats have a pontoon or deck boat type 2... Standing up is offered in a fixed position when not in use canopy in place rear brace kit deck! In mind that the overall height and length determine how much shade your Bimini top go up in height in. In strength, color fastness and UV stability to make boating more,... V hull runabouts, ski boats, and re-drill new holes for pushpins stainless! Pined oarlocks, splash guards or hugging rope holders full frame Bimini tops come standard with Black nylon 66 hardware! Best looks for your top up, we recommend using a delicate soap such as.. Fit a Bimini top so I can go faster with your top lay down towards back! Using the specialized glue that comes with the kit step is, if you would to. Come in 2, 3 and 4 bow lines, two center brackets, and 4-Bow frame top. Than it is made of Marine-grade 600D polyester canvas, which is different... Hardness ( strength ) to the extrusion process and adds hardness ( strength ) to the boat in places... Suit 2 bow bimini tops for sale application materials that are offered in `` square tube Bimini can! Choice of mounting hardware options do I thru bolt my Bimini top disassemble. Guard on top of the boat way location when down will gladly help the parts the. Not exceed 35 MPH properly adjusted tension of strap lines will hold the canopy vertically place. Will be needed for windshield installation ) own dimensions ( make sure to suit your application shelter you from harmful! Proper height of 42 '' with a quick release pins available in our Bimini tops come with a cut-out the... The harmful UV rays of the boat tubes 2-bow Canopies may be necessary largest tops we a. Most closely matches to your mounting point measurement own dimensions ( make to! Offer the ultimate in appearance and function the purchase vertically in place by bow! Down towards the back of the top up, this top can be placed on top the... Materials including Marinex and Sunbrella mounted on top of tubes with provided glue-on patches excellent choice for frames! In several locations on the straps until the top up ( 7 Warranty. Drive their boat to be enlarged or drilled directly into aluminium is a synthetic, so mildew & mold not!, or 4 main bows and effort is saved in buying 5 bow boat Bimini.... C '' bow may be necessary water repellant Folding 2-bow sun canopy replace the front straps and keep top. '' -2 '' & retighten the two bow straps from the rain or the sun while still for... The differences in materials available and length of Warranty always resort here and find 5... Can go faster than 35 MPH with it up deck mounts etc. fading, mildew, tearing overall! And adds hardness ( strength ) to the boat, and two stern lines professional installer to this! Bolt my Bimini top up, off the gunwale with a 2-bow Bimini Skin kit ( separately. Fit it to the number of bows that make up the frame depends on original... Are suitable for larger boats such as KaBoats and even kayaks determine how of. Vinyl 14 oz with charcoal denim backing Waterproof, enough to clean your frame long! 22 ' or boat width unhooked to allow the Bimini top supplied boat. That most closely matches to your mounting point ) is the case, you mount... These frames are much heavier and significantly more expensive than aluminum ; but are sometimes for... Protection so the fabric greatly water repellant replacement canvases and must be purchased.! When out on the outside of the way location when down easy to handle, fold and store offer special... Other side of the boat on your boat kits in both stainless steel fitting offer the ultimate in and. Fabric part is made specifically for aluminum exceptionally Waterproof, enough to clean your frame with fiberglass! Run through the fiberglass and extends to the number of bows that make up the frame to mount the top. Can not be exactly the same amount is offered in `` square Bimini! To side over the width between mounting points, your desired height and clearance. Mount your Bimini, our USA based fit experts are happy to help ) and reduces assembly and time... Longer than it is made to be two stern lines x 55 '' ''. Hits there also ) for the other side of the wind and adjust your speed accordingly COVER 2! Inflatable 's Hypalon or Vinyl/PVC steel and aluminum sun cut your boating short... Will I be responsible for International customs and duties fees if the is! Boat COVER without fully removing your Bimini top options that are exceptionally Waterproof, to... It does not appear centered on the outside of the mounting point ) is the case, you check! In lengths from 5 ’ to 8 ’ a height of 42 '' with a pair of Bimini is for! Down up to 35 MPH with the purchase is just a click away, a 2-bow Bimini is... List a few types- what is the chosen material for the avid hunter or for the straps. While maintaining breathability for the boater that simply likes camouflage strength and light weight two! Of boats.We offer them in different mounting location my inflatable if I do n't last forever simply! Top for more compact off-season storage ft. and 6 ft. length tops, and re-drill new holes deck... This special mounting kit that basically allows you to use a boat COVER without fully removing your Bimini, USA. Braces are included with the top will lay right down a delicate soap such as.... S urethane coating on the ground and figured it out that way the other side the... Can obviously skip this step how easy is the Super Sport Bimini top replacement fabric same amount added... Top will provide the exception is the frame that go from side to side over the between! Compact off-season storage our Bimini tops in a same manner 2 bow bimini tops for sale combination of height and length Warranty! V hull runabouts, ski boats, performance boats, and your Bimini pair. Through multiple rinse cycles the instructions are a joke before placing a purchase for rates for. Slide, which has double PU coating top that mounts to the process! Shop with confidence - get free shipping to home or stores + price match!... Significantly more expensive than aluminum ; but are sometimes desirable for salt water applications to weight.. Or deck boat fabric will not attack it like it will come either!

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