Prototyping and Manufacturing

Every New concept and design needs to be translated into physical form to ascertain its performance complies with what was conceptualized. Our Engineers go to work on Prototyping the first specimen with the objective of producing a durable and cost effective piece of equipment or component for the Customer.

Once the Prototype is ready for trials the Customer is invited to view and comment and after revisions are made the product is approved for batch production.

Manufacturing is planned with method statements written down, Material specifications determined and followed and timelines committed. Quality conformity is assured and every effort is made to produce a batch that would fit the criteria laid down for it. Our main focus remains on the Durability of what we manufacture and no compromises are made on this count. What ‘WE Manufacture’ always stands out as an exception amongst the competition. Be it our own Brand product or a Bespoke development, we take Manufacturing with a passion for producing Quality.

Steel Overhead Bridges & Girders

Always dedicated to providing CNC steel machining services for each client all over the world, with the lastest CNC prototyping and steel milling machine.

Steel Overhead Bridges & Girders

The prototype for the machine is intended to provide production customers with the CNC functions in a standard stage near the required volume production status.


Prototypes can be made from a limitless range of plastics, metals, and composites.We provide quality STEEL FABRICATION SERVICES to the civil contractors and industry in the middle east. We have two fabrication yards


Machining provides superior accuracy with the widest selection of plastics and metals, as well as some of our largest part sizes.


When it comes to developing a new product, being able to quickly move through multiple iterations is invaluable. Not only do prototypes help you get to market faster, they help you put together a better product when you get there.


We will make suggestions about the types of materials used, dimensions and more, in order to ensure the product will stand up to its intended use, and be easily used.

If you’re in need of a top steel fabricator for a steel job, please don’t hesitate to give us call today. Our team of steel experts will ensure that you find the best solution to suit your needs.

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