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Mass Manufacturing of equipment and Hardware for the Middle East and African Markets

Technosmiths is an Industrial Engineering and Manufacturing Company situated in Hamriyah Free Zone Sharjah on a 100,000 sq foot facility.

The Company was Formed in the year 2007 and in a short span of just 12 years the Company has Fabricated and installed in Abu Dhabi and Dubai in excess of 10,000 Tons of Project related and Industrial Fabrications and Manufactured Thousands of pieces of Construction and Material Handling Equipment.

Our Future Direction

Our future strategy envisages

setting up of a Vendors’ Association where the members jointly manufacture products by pooling their resources. Engineers with considerable experience wishing to be self employed would be welcomed, assisted and included in the Vendors pool, our ‘Join Us’ programme is aimed at such Engineers. Technosmiths would be delighted to introduce its “Proudly Manufactured in Dubai” Products in the coming months and years.

Our Vision

Technosmiths is now gearing up

to go into the next phase of manufacturing. Mass Manufacturing of equipment and Hardware for the Middle East and African Markets. With our experience of 40 years of delivering hundreds of misc metalwork subcontracts and manufacturing thousands of industrial components and spares we are now ready to leapfrog into large-scale manufacturing and production runs of several essential Material Handling Products and Contractor’s Hardware.

  • Mission

  • Vision

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Today Technosmiths ranks high amongst multi-disciplinary medium sized Companies offering a diverse range of engineering and fabrication services to its customers.

Our diversification is amazing in that we are capable of inhouse manufacturing of Sheet Metal Components Clad with Molded Rubber, Nylon, Polyurethane and Bakelite on one hand and producing Forged and pressed, stamped or deep drawn components on the other. Our collection of Hydraulic and Mechanical Presses is Impressive.

We conveniently handle metalwork sub contracts from as little as a few hundred kilos to hundreds of tons at our two facilities in Dubai and Sharjah. Our strength is in our diversification and it has now enabled us to start manufacturing mechanized pieces of equipment and wholly indigenized machines.

We are one Unique Mechanical Engineering Establishment in the UAE who can fabricate and ship hundreds of

water tank towers to Africa, Fabricate Bridge Girder precasting Molds, Power Driven Grit handling Trolleys and Skips and at the same time manufacture Castors, Concrete Spraying Machines, Stainless Steel Auger Conveyors, Vibrating Screens, Pump Skids and Manifolds for the largest Pump manufacturer in the World and also manufacture and Supply stainless Chain Link Conveyors to Dubai Electricity.

The Engineering Industry in the UAE, more so the Steel Fabrication sector, has come of age due to its massive engagement in the recent construction boom and is all set to diversify into large scale manufacturing. We realize we have a greater role to play in the indigenization of the industrial components and hardware manufacturing sector in the UAE and are preparing to chip in our little bit.

We are evaluating several propositions for heavy sheet metal based equipment manufacturing where select Vendors would be trained and assisted in manufacturing components for our assembly requirements.


Steel is one of the most common, most versatile and most recyclable materials in the world.

Offering our clients a measurable advantage

Every project is approached from the customer’s point of view; clearly identifying your production objectives and challenges. From there, we work to identify the best-value and best-fit solution, drawing from the world’s major systems and custom solutions.

What makes us different

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We are the world class engineering manufacturer providing the highest quality products, services and solutions to our customers.