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Born and raised
in the Manufacturing Sector

We offer Design,Fabrication and Manufacturing Services.

About Technosmiths

About Us

Technosmiths is an Industrial Engineering and Manufacturing Company situated in Hamriyah Free Zone Sharjah on a 100,000 sq foot facility.

The Company was Formed in the year 2007 and in a short span of just 12 years the Company has Fabricated and installed in Abu Dhabi and Dubai in excess of 10,000 Tons of Project related and Industrial Fabrications and Manufactured Thousands of pieces of Construction and Material Handling Equipment.

Today Technosmiths ranks high amongst multi-disciplinary medium sized Companies offering a diverse range of engineering and fabrication services to its customers.

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We are not Engineers like the term signifies, We are the Modern day Blacksmiths but with a different set of tools and our Anvil is Paper and Pencil. And what we do is, we bring Engineering challenges to our Anvil and twist and turn various materials on it till we produce viable solutions to our Customers’ needs.

Technosmiths are that Smithing shop where techniques are invented and innovated. We go bang on the Anvil and produce non conventional methodologies for manufacturing Engineering Components and equipment in the most rudimentary way with the most basic of conventional Machine Tools.

To start with we are a MachineShop which is the bedrock of all our Fabrication and Manufacturing Activities. We design Tools, Jigs and Fixtures and take them to our Beautiful Collection of Presses, Our PressShop and knock out Strong and Durable pieces of Equipment and Hardware.

Some of our Major Products

We Manufacture in our Machineshop and Pressworks.

Our important products are Pipe Racks and Rollers, Saddles and Clamps, Pallets and Skids, Skips and Bins, Augers and Conveyors, Forklift Attachments, Precast Molds and Accessories and Boat Mooring Cleats and Bollards.

Our Main Activities are Focused on Indigenization and Local Manufacture of some important Material Handling and Storage equipment and Contractors Hardware. Our Main Products are now known in the Local as well as Middle Eastern markets by our Brand Names. Technosmiths has, over the years, put all its energy into establishing Trustworthy and Reliable Brand Names which automatically generate the image of products that would last a lifetime.

We are Stainless Steel Fabricators, Stainless Steel Fabrication Contractors, Stainless Steel Fabrication Subcontractors, sheet metal Fabrication Contractors, Steel walkway Fabricators.

Industries we Serve

Construction Projects, Precast Concrete, Pipeline Contractors, Infrastructure Developers, Process and Petrochemical, Food Processing, Marina and Harbor Developers, Facility Managers, Garbage and Waste Management and Scraps Recyclers just to name a few.

Instrumentation and Control

We work with the UAE’s major clients for this service. .

Construction and Engineering

We manufacture lots of construction machinery and products for construction industry.

Energy Distribution and Grids

Agriculture sciences seek to feed the world’s population while preventing problems..

Material Handling

Providing solutions from individual component to turnkey processing plants for a variety of industries.

Water and Waste Water

Upgrades and repairs to equipment, machinery, networks and plants are imperative to ensure assets are operational and providing efficiency across plants and the broader networks.

Structural Steel

Our expert team of fabricators, riggers, steel estimators, surveyors, draftsmen, and welders can turn any architectural and structural steel drawing into reality.